The Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is the vehicle for criminal justice stakeholders to convene, collaborate, share ideas and solve problems.
All CJCC members are committed to the fair, effective and efficient delivery of justice for all.
The bedrock principle of the justice system is respect – respect for public servants who work in the system, respect for jurors, witnesses, victims, the accused and respect for the challenges, stress and trauma faced by those interacting with the system.
We also carry forward with respect for the taxpayers whose labor funds the justice system and any improvements we champion.

CJCC History

The CJCC was created by the Harris County Commissioners Court in July 2009 as the focal point for efforts to improve the criminal justice system and seek reductions in the jail population. The Council is responsible for policy development and oversight of improvement initiatives for the criminal justice system.
Members include the following elected and appointed officials and appointees:

  1. District Attorney
  2. District Clerk
  3. Sheriff
  4. County Attorney
  5. Administrative Judge of the District Courts
  6. Administrative Judge of the Criminal Trial Division of the District Courts
  7. Administrative Judge of the Statutory County Courts
  8. Presiding Judge of the County Criminal Courts
  9. Presiding Judge of the 16 Justice of the Peace Courts
  10. Constable to represent the 8 Constables
  11. Two (2) members of Commissioners Court
  12. Judge of the Juvenile Division of the District Courts
  13. Mayor of the City of Houston
  14. Chief Public Defender
  15. Director of the Community Supervision & Corrections Department
  16. Executive Director of the Juvenile Probation Department
  17. Director of Pretrial Services
  18. Member of the local defense bar